Setting up your crypto wallet

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What can I use for payment when I buy things on WazirX NFT Marketplace?

You will need a crypto wallet to carry out payments such as Metamask or Binance wallet. The WazirX marketplace accepts BNB for gas fees and WRX for purchasing NFTs.


How to get MetaMask?

You can install MetaMask in your browser from the MetaMask website as a chrome/firefox extension.


Why is my MetaMask account locked? 

The lock seen on the screen can be removed by unlocking MetaMask. You can do this by typing the password after clicking the MetaMask fox on the top right corner of your browser.


I'm trying to buy my first item. Where do I find the address to that I should send the BNB/WRX? 

The buyer doesn't have to enter the address of the receiver. The buyer just has to click the "Buy " button and confirm the transaction through their wallet. Following this, once the transaction is complete and the BNB is deducted from your account, the item is visible in the collectible section of your Profile. The creator will receive the funds once the transaction is complete.


What does “minting” mean?

Minting is the process of making an NFT. That is, when an artist mints an NFT, they convert their digital art into a token that is monetized on a blockchain.


What is a Crypto wallet?

A crypto wallet is a software program that holds the keys which are used to sign digital transactions. A crypto wallet enables sending and receiving blockchain tokens. MetaMask is an example of a crypto wallet.


How to load Crypto into your wallet (Fiat to Crypto)?

Got no WRX/BNB in your wallet? No worries, we have got you covered.

The direct method to load WRX/BNB into your NFT marketplace wallet

Using Transak

  • Click on "Open Transak".
  • Enter the amount you're going to pay in INR for equivalent WRX/BNB.
  • Click on "Buy Now"
  • Congratulations! You now have crypto in your wallet.

Here's a video for your reference.


What happens when there is a sale of NFT?

When the collector confirms the transaction, it is processed and then the collector receives the item in their collection. Once an item is sold, the funds are transferred to the creator's wallet. The creator can use this to buy other NFTs or cash out WRX/BNB using WazirX.


How to load WRX/BNB to your BSC wallet using Binance?

  • Log in to your Binance account
  • Go to Wallet -> Fiat and Spot
  • Click on 'Deposit'
  • Select WRX/BNB 
  • To get your deposit address and memo, copy and paste them to the corresponding platform’s or wallet’s address and memo section you intend to withdraw from.

How to transfer WRX/BNB to INR?

  • Deposit the WRX/BNB in your wallet to the Binance Wallet using this procedure
  • Transfer the funds from the Binance wallet to the WazirX account. This can be performed by going to Wallet→ Fiat and Spot → WazirX in the Binance dashboard. WazirX allows transferring funds using Binance login.
  • Select WRX/BNB and the amount you require. Confirm the details.
  • The funds will now be transferred to your WazirX account (wallet)
  • You can now sell this WRX/BNB in your WazirX funds and obtain INR for the same

What should I do if the WazirX token is not represented in the MetaMask wallet?

  • Open MetaMask and click Assets to see the tokens in your wallet.
  • Click on "Add token"
  • Click on "Custom Token"
  • Paste this address -> 0x8e17ed70334c87ece574c9d537bc153d8609e2a3 in the Token Contract Address Field
  • Press "Add"

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