Answers to frequently asked questions about collections

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1. How to create a collection?

Go to your profile page and on the collections tab, click on the "Create collections" button.


2. Can I add old NFTs to a collection?

Yes. Create a collection from the collections tab in your profile and then click on the more options of the NFT you want to move to. The creator can only move to a collection once for NFTs created before this feature release date.


3. What are Properties & their Values in a collection?

Properties are custom-defined attributes set while you mint an NFT. An NFT cannot have duplicate names.

An example would be:-
Property can be "Color" and its Value can be "Red", "White", etc.              

Property can be "Fruit" and its Value can be "Apple", " Orange", etc. 


4. Can we remove an NFT from a collection?

Yes. There is an option inside the NFT detail page to remove it from the collection.


5. Are the properties editable?

Yes. The creator is allowed to edit only in the primary sale and until before a bid is placed when on auction.


6. Can I set properties to the Old NFT's minted before this feature is released?

Yes. When moving an NFT to a collection, the creator is allowed to add new properties once.


7. How do I delete a collection?

Collection can only be deleted if there are no NFT's in it. You will see the option to remove a collection in the more options of the collection, once you remove all the NFT's from the collection.


8. What is the floor price?

The floor price is the lowest price at which an NFT can be bought (via Fixed price sale) for a particular project/collection, irrespective of the primary or secondary market.









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