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With our platform, creators can now split earnings, donate directly to causes they care about, and discover distribution options they cannot find anywhere else. Splits allow artists, musicians, galleries, record labels, causes, and more to collaborate and create new revenue streams.

Splits allow you to share earnings with up to four other recipients. Those who participate in a split will receive both the proceeds from the primary market sale and the earnings from secondary market sales in perpetuity.


  1. Click on profile ==> Create NFT

  2. Upload the artwork ==>Enter the title and description and add a price

  3. Click on Create Split.


4. Type a WazirX NFT Marketplace username or paste any MetaMask wallet address in the field. You must select at least one other account and can add up to four in total.

5. Select the percentage that each recipient will receive for the split. All percentages mentioned must add up to 100%.


Can I update or change a Split after I minted the NFT?

No, a split can't be changed or updated once work is minted or sold. If you would like to update a split, you will need to burn the NFT, mint the piece again, and set new percentages.

How do earnings work with Splits in the secondary market?

An artist earns a royalty of 10% on all secondary market sales. All recipients will receive a percentage of the royalty based on their original split percentage.

Can I create a new split when I put work in my collection on the secondary market?

No, you cannot create a split for a secondary market listing. Splits can only be created during the minting process.

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